Compounding is necessary in special cases, but your nuclear pharmacy could also be supplying your hospital with lower-standard copies of FDA-approved radiopharmaceuticals without your knowledge1,2.

“Because compounded drugs are not FDA-approved, FDA does not verify their safety, effectiveness, or quality before they are marketed. … In addition, and of particular concern, poor compounding practices can result in serious drug-quality problems, such as contamination or medications that do not possess the strength, quality, and purity they are supposed to have. This can lead to serious patient injury and death.1

-FDA’s Human Drug Compounding Progress Report


Individuals in a hospital can be held legally responsible when patients are harmed by improperly compounded products.2


The use of non-FDA-approved nuclear medicines can negatively impact your institution’s quality of patient care, potentially tarnish its reputation, and lead to legal and financial liabilities.2


Subpar compounded nuclear medicines can lead to misdiagnosis due to low-quality imaging. Even worse, compounded sterile products have become contaminated, causing patient harm and even deaths.


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CU0021 1118

The Pharmalucence manufacturing site located at 29 Dunham Rd., Billerica, MA has received FDA approval for drug product aseptic fill-finish manufacturing operations. Our Tc 99m Sulfur Colloid Kit will be the first product manufactured at this new facility. Pharmalucence is now in the process of transferring the manufacturing process for all of its other injectable products to this site.

Dear Pharmalucence Customer:

It is my pleasure to announce to you that Pharmalucence has been acquired by Sun Pharmaceuticals (, a world leader in the development and marketing of generic drugs.

Pharmalucence chose to join the Sun Pharma family of companies to accelerate our growth and diversification. Combining our advanced parenteral production capabilities and Nuclear Medicine product
line with Sun Pharma’s extensive experience, resources and global presence in generics will take Pharmalucence’s business development much further, in less time, than could have been achieved under our previous private ownership.

As a Pharmalucence customer, you will have no disruption from this ownership transition. Our people, our products and our business will continue to operate as in the past, but from within the larger Sun
Pharma company. Continued investment in our nuclear medicine business, including development of new products and expansion into international markets, is planned. In addition, expansion of Pharmalucence’s advanced drug production platform will be implemented, further enabling the
manufacture of existing and new injectable pharmaceuticals for the U.S. market.

There is one change in business plan related to our new ownership. With our integration into the larger Sun Pharma drug production network, Pharmalucence has fully subscribed its production capacity and will not seek additional Contract Production customers. Ongoing support of existing Contract Production customers will continue to be an important part of our business operations.

Thank you for your business and continued support. We look forward to the next phase in Pharmalucence’s development as a Sun Pharma company and our ongoing relationship with you. If you have any questions regarding this news, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Glenn Alto Vice President and General Manager Pharmalucence Inc., a Sun Pharma company

Pharmalucence has achieved a significant milestone on its way to bringing its new aseptic drug production facility in Billerica, MA into full operation.  On April 29, we submitted our DMF, a comprehensive description of facility equipment, operations and validation, to the FDA.  This step will be followed by submission of our Prior Approval Supplement (PAS) for transfer of the production of our Sulfur Colloid kit to the new facility.  The PAS submission will trigger an FDA inspection as the last step toward final approval.  This inspection is anticipated within four months from the time of our sending the PAS.  Assuming an acceptable FDA inspection, Pharmalucence expects to begin drug manufacturing at the Billerica, MA site in early Q4 of this year.